A few hours before, i was wearing just a shirt in 75degree weather in SF. The moment I got out of my flight into JFK, I was greeted with a cold icy blast of New York winter. That is all I remember the whole day, being in the cold, shooting in the cold, and feeling numb. But that is part of the streetstyle photographer experience. You gotta be on your feet and alert for the next fashion celebrity that walks by. I started shooting at Skylight at Moynihan Station and ended up in SoHo where the streetstyle action was much more intense. Hope you enjoyed my streetstyle shots! I really love shooting Aimee Song and Irene Kim, two of my fashion week favorites.

Aimee Song / Song of Style


Irene Kim (@ireneisgood)NYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6629

Susie BubbleNYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6281NYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6287

Leandra @ManRepellerNYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6321

Eva ChenNYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6486NYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6492

Dani SongNYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6103NYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6110Anh @9to5chicNYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6153

Thania PeckNYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6059

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