Most people don’t know but I love Indian food! And by Indian food I mean chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, and naan. Right when I entered DOSA, I found out that I’ve been eating mostly Northern Indian food all this time, and DOSA is a Southern Indian Cuisine. I realized I don’t know what that means, so it was such an eye (and stomach) opener to try out several Southern Indian dishes during my visit with Cyn (@cyneats/@thevioletfog) and Katey (@thevioletfog). It’s definitely healthier, not as heavy, and a lot of emphasis on crepe-like naan (rather than the thick naan at Northern Indian restaurants. We were accompanied by Stephanie Danielle (@thecityblonde) and Ally Chen (@fashionbyally). Everything was really good (although I had to skip out on the spicier dishes, can’t really handle them). I highly urge you to check out DOSA someday, even my Indian friends highly recommend it!

Oh and behold the biggest dosa you’ll ever see: Click Here.

DOSA with Violet Fog-8000

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