Two weekends ago, I organized a Fyuse fashion and music mixer with my friend Peter at Studio 5A (which is the dopest studio in DTLA)! This is the second #FyusexST5A Fashion & Music Mixer I’ve coordinated with Peter, and we thought we would take it to the next level. Bloggers Ellen V Lora (@ellenvlora) and Francis Lola (@flamcis) co-hosted the event along with Nicole Yoon (@nicqueen), Cathy Kim (@cathythekimchi), and Christina Lee (@cleeluc). We were also fortunate to have food sponsor Ridges Churro Bar that made sure everyone was fed. Their churros were amazing! Who would’ve thought adding yogurt and Fruity Pebbles would take the churro experience to the next level?

Our friend Ezekiel brought some amazing donuts and desserts from Cafe Dulce (Little Tokyo). You have got to check that cafe out if you are in Downtown LA!
Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0251Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0270Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0259

Studio 5A’s talented singer Justin JJ Park also performed live! Hear his cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” on his YouTube channel: Click Here!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0315

Did I mention how I finally got to meet Krys Khloe?? She is so awesome! I can’t wait to finally do a shoot with her!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-1181

Arika Sato and her churros from Ridges!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0106

Krys Khloe having fun with donuts from Cafe Dulce!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-1030Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-1110

I’d like to thank all the awesome bloggers and friends that came that night: Hieu @hieucow, Amy Nguyen @ammish, Daisy Kim, Brianna V, Celine Linarte (@c_linarte), Christina Kim and Stephanie from Love Culture, Fiona Leahy, Eunice Kim, Eunice Sun, Yuki Ito, Lola Fair, Albert Liu, Ally Chen, Arika Sato, Cindy Thai, Cristina Viseu, Brittany Au… I really hope I didn’t forget anyone, but if I do, I’m sorry but thank you for coming!

It was truly a memorable night! Special thanks to Peter Rocks and Studio5A for making it happen!

See more action from the event!

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