I came down to LA to check out Generation Beauty with Ally Chen (@fashionbyally). I’ve only been to BeautyCon so I didn’t know what to expect. It was definitely smaller than BeautyCon, but not as insanely crazy and definitely a lot more organized. I was just disappointed that there wasn’t a Creator’s Lounge of some sort where all the influencers could hang out and mingle like at BeautyCon. Other than that, a couple of us were bored after 15minutes, the others did go nuts going for the free stuff. The highlights of my visit was just meeting other YouTubers that I haven’t met, like Karina Lynn Kho, Charmaine Dulak, Anisa Xiong, Cassandra Bankson (click here), Sandi CutePolish, Alex Denmon. It was also great to see Christine Kkarmalove, Winnie LeSassaFrass, Cindy InfinitelyCindy, and Cristina ViseuGeneration Beauty 2016-1513Check out the Fyuse version (click here)!

Generation Beauty 2016-1377Generation Beauty 2016-1473Generation Beauty 2016-1493Generation Beauty 2016-1522Generation Beauty 2016-1386Generation Beauty 2016-1309

I got to see Michelle Phan in real life. The line was too long so I just snapped pics of her meeting her fans.Michelle Phan GenBeauty IPSY-1425

We didn’t stay for that long, and decided to get food. Ally, Cristina, Alex, Cindy, Karina and I decided to go to KoreaTown for Korean BBQ. I took them to Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong on 6th Street, the very same restaurant Lola Fair took me to a couple of months back. It was really fun hanging out with this group. You’ll just have to watch Alex and Cindy’s Vlog footage of our Korean BBQ experience and desserts at Mr. Coffee.

Mr Coffee-1586

Skip to 1:36 for the KBBQ and Mr. Coffee dessert footage

Cindy’s GenBeauty, KBBQ, and Mr. Coffee Vlog

Day One was much nicer than Day Two of GenBeauty. Ally and I tried to go, but the weather was insane (I believe it was a storm happening), and the parking was ridiculous. We found out later that there was a Clippers game going on at Staples Center. No wonder parking was at $30-$40! Even though it was nice hanging out with friends, I still think BeautyCon is much more fun and worth the trip.

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