This past weekend, Ally and I decided to join my co-workers for a Lake Tahoe skiing trip. But we thought it would be more fun if we didn’t ski and explore/shoot around Lake Tahoe instead. On our first day, we walked around Heavenly Resort and tried out Heavenly Donuts. They were quite heavenly for sure, I went back again the next day for more.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-4Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-6

My co-worker Matthias did most of the driving during the first two days. I made sure we were loaded with snacks for the trip.

We stayed at David Walley Hot Springs Resort in Genoa (just on the other side of the mountains from Heavenly Resort). It was much quieter and peaceful, with beautiful landscapes. This was the view from our room!

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-8

On the second day, we had brunch at Sprouts. I had the healthy stuff which was their popular dish of salsa, avocado, sprouts served on a bagel, and a side of chips.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-10

We then walked around South Lake Tahoe and explored the region. We came upon a forest region with lots of cute cabins. The snow was at least 3 feet deep, your leg would get stuck if you weren’t careful.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-0361

It was also the first time I’ve actually walked around the lake. It was quite remarkable seeing everything blanketed in snow.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-0541

I had a hard time walking around, I brought the wrong kind of shoes. So I ended up walking like a grandpa while I used my monopod as a cane.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-13Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-14

We finally reached a section of the lake that was a wooden walkway that brought you closer to the lake and gave you views of the mountains.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-0859

And yes, it was freezing cold. She had to borrow my jacket and gloves. Here’s one last selfie of us before we went to get lunch at a pub. She had Shepherd’s Pie and I had fish and chips.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-15

On the last day of the trip, we had a really fun snow session at a park that had the freshest ¬†snow I’ve ever seen. My co-workers had a blast having an intense snowball fight and making snow angels.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-17

Overall, it was a really fun trip! I had a really great experience with Tahoe this time around. I think we were lucky to be blessed with great weather and fresh snow. We didn’t hit any insane traffic either, but everyone did complain about being in the cars for too long. Hope you enjoyed my post!


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