This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being a part of Love Culture‘s blogger brunch held at Zinc Cafe & Market in Downtown Los Angeles. If you’re a health nut, you’ll definitely enjoy Zinc! Christina from Love Culture invited me to be one of the photographers for the event, and I had a blast hanging out with pretty much almost all of my LA blogger favorites. Did I mention I finally got to meet Rocky Barnes?? THE Rocky Barnes? I couldn’t believe this supermodel extraordinaire was right in front of me. So whenever I meet a fashion celebrity (or any type of celebrity), I always play it cool. Never ever go fan-crazy when you meet a celebrity, that’ll put you right in the “fan” category with them (which is similar to getting “friend zoned” in the dating scene). Treat them just like you would with everyone else in the room. It’s the best way for both of you to get to know each other on the same page.

So here’s Pau ready to brunch!   Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-2838Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-2843

Here’s Pau Dictado with Rocky Barnes! (Click to see Rocky eating fries)Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-2853Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-2862

The Love Culture Team. I love them. They are super cool and I can’t wait to hang out with them next time I’m in LA.Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-2908
Love Culture Team-3294

Ellen V Lora, photographer Anne Park, and Francis Lola. (Click here for squad goals)Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-3083

Blogger babes Arika Sato (@arikasato), Francis Lola (@flamcis), Nina Nguyen (@ninzeey), Christine Hsu (@kkarmalove), Pau Dictado (@paudictado), Ellen (@ellenvlora), and Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes).Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-3110Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-3124

Stephanie and Connie being cute.Love Culture Blogger Brunch at ZINC Cafe-3139

Hope you guys enjoyed the shots! Be sure to check out their Fyuse profile (@lovecultureofficial) for some awesome 3D #ootd and behind the scenes from the event!

P.S. Here’s what I did after brunch as seen on Arika Sato’s YouTube video (click here).

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