Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you’re all off to an amazing start to 2016! Ally and I decided to do some fun and healthy things for the new year. First we went to the donation center to get rid of some of old stuff. I also realized 75% of the clothes I donated were from H&M, which made me realize that I need to stop buying trendy/cheap quality clothes and invest more in quality clothes that will last me a long time. Ally then took me hiking to Tank Hill, a cute spot in SF that usually only the locals know. It was very cold though so pho was definitely in our minds.
Ally Chen FashionbyAlly New Year-1959

We hit up Perilla, a sister restaurant to PPQ, for good ole yummy pho. It’s one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. I highly recommend their combo #1 pho, imperial rolls, and 5 spice chicken with garlic noodles! (Ally took this photo by the way, she’s really good!)Ally Chen FashionbyAlly New Year-1987

Our last stop was Project Juice in the Mission, on Valencia and 19th, right near my old work, Betabrand. I do miss hanging out at that hipster area, especially since Tacolicious and Boba Guys are right around there too. Project Juice is one of my favorite juice and smoothie places! My favorites are Get Up and Go-Go, Mint Chip Shake, and Mission Mocha. Okay so I love my chocolate-flavored smoothies, so forgive me if none of my favorites are the green stuff. Ally Chen FashionbyAlly New Year-2030

And one last thing, Ally loves her Acai bowls so she decided to order one from Project Juice Test Kitchen’s menu. It was definitely one of the best and flavorful Acai bowls I’ve ever had! I’m craving it as we speak! Definitely going back there again! Ally Chen FashionbyAlly New Year-2061Ally Chen FashionbyAlly New Year-2040

So one thing I realized this past weekend is that being healthy is being habitually healthy, meaning keeping up with healthy habits such as taking the stairs everyday instead of the elevators, or substituting breakfast burritos with oatmeal.

Stay tuned for more Adventures Series! (It’s most likely going to be with Ally LOL.)

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