One thing I like about Fall weather is that I don’t have to be a sweat machine anymore. Also, I like layering up. The only drawback about Fall is that it gets darker a whole lot earlier, which cuts down a lot on my shooting times. Oh and did I mention it can get way too cold for my bloggers?

Ariana Lauren and I were pretty lucky that it was cold but not too cold during this shoot. I’ve forgotten how beautiful the Ferry Building is since I tend to avoid it due to the overload of tourists. But it was almost empty during our shoot, which made it so much easier to shoot. This shoot also marked our one year blogger BFF anniversary. Ariana and I met a year ago here at the Ferry Building. Since then she’s been one of the most important persons in my life and I don’t know what my life would be without her in SF! We’ve done so much too – Coachella, road trips to LA, NYFW, Outside Land, and exploring SF.

Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-0787 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-0808 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-0828 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-0907 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-1029Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-0970

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