I know this post is long overdue but better late than never right? The BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M was the most memorable moment during my trip to New York for NYFW this past September. I am super grateful for Marianna Hewitt, she was so sweet to invite me to the event. I started evening with a major dilemma: my dress shirt ripped on the sides. It was brand new too. And it happens to be the last clean shirt I had for the trip. On top of that, I had 25 mins before the event started. Luckily I was staying in Times Square, so H&M was right around the corner. Did you know it takes 8-10minutes just to walk one block of Times Square when it’s loaded with tourists? Yeah, I learned the hard way.

Afterwards, Van Le (ForeverVanny) and I walked just a block away from my hotel to the venue. It was a pretty cool spot, but I was already busy being starstruck at all the famous / top bloggers that I saw right as I entered the venue. Let’s just say my mind was blown when I saw Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit. I’ve been wanting to meet her for the longest time! I was about to go up to her but I got nervous so I went back to Van and we decided to find a seat.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8286

At first, we had the whole section to ourselves. And then my friend Thania (@catcherinthestyle) joined us with her friends. It was a really fun group that joined us.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8314

Little did Van and I know that the other gorgeous ladies were none other than mega-babes Devin Brugman and Tash Oakley.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8296

And Angelica Blick was next to us as well.

BlogLovin Devin Tasha

I went to say hi to Marianna Hewitt. She has lots of fabulous friends. I got nervous around them and couldn’t stay too long.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8294

So I decided to say hello to Louise Roe before she started the festivities. It was so great to see her after our last shoot together back in the spring.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8292

So I went back to my table as the event started. Van predicted 90% of the winners. She’s so clever. After the event ended, I took some more photos.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8317

Here’s Noor de Groot @queenofjetlags with her Best Lifestyle BlogLovin Award!BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8322

I love seeing Tamara (@theglamandglitter) every fashion week. I feel like it’s not complete when I don’t take any photos of her.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8315

And Louise Roe came by to our section too and joined in on the fun! Aren’t they such hotties?

It was such a blast and a memorable night! Here’s Van in Times Square, it’s way quieter and less crowded past midnight. Oh, and we took some Photo Booth shots, don’t know where they went.

BlogLovin Awards Sponsored by H&M NYFW 2015-8357

Afterwards, we joined our friend Lina Dinh for late-night Korean BBQ in Koreatown. I remember we were all sad that it was our last night in New York City (except for Vanny, since she lives there), but were all happy that we all got to hang out during NYFW. Hope you enjoyed my post!


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