This past Tuesday, Violet Fog celebrated their first month anniversary since their website launched. The event was at Monroe (in North Beach); the venue was just beautiful and perfect. It was such a blast partying with the lovely gals of Violet Fog (Katey and Cynthia), along with Ally Chen and Rachel Vogt. I had fun meeting new and wonderful people as well!┬áVisit the official recap on their website for more: Launch Party. You’ll love their website!

Also, be sure to check out my first interview as a fashion blogger photographer! You’ll get to know more about me. It was weird at first revealing a lot of things about myself, but I hope it made for a good read and insight about being a fashion blogger photographer. Click Here.

The Violet Fog Interview

Some photos from the party.
The Violet Fog Launch Event at Monroe SF-6180The Violet Fog Launch Event at Monroe SF-6173 The Violet Fog Launch Event at Monroe SF-6226

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