Here’s a short & sweet shoot that I did with Ellen V Lora in the Arts District. Sitting down poses can be tricky. The best way to do this is to angle your subject’s legs to make herself look taller/longer legs. Your subject also have to relax and get into that chillin mentality to get good shoulder placement and posture. See more style inspiration on her blog: Pure Evl.
Ellen-V-Lora-ELLENVLORA-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6564 Ellen-V-Lora-ELLENVLORA-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6567 Ellen-V-Lora-ELLENVLORA-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6595 Ellen-V-Lora-ELLENVLORA-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6616

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