MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas

Ryan C

Last week I had the chance to visit Las Vegas and attend MAGIC. If you haven’t heard of MAGIC before, it is the world’s largest fashion marketplace (so large that MAGIC has to take up two convention centers)! It was my second time attending it, and I’ve forgotten how overwhelming it can be going through rows and rows of fashion brands all day long. These photos are from the second day at Project and Magic. I had a blast hanging out with my friends Judy Elle and Trisha. I ran into some blogger friends like Lisa Linh, Linh Nguyen, Jill of Little Black Boots, and Lo Caballero.  Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3681Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3599 Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3611  Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3697 Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3709 Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3757

Last but not least, I met the talented designer behind EIS Los Angeles, Ayumi, and her partner-in-crime Monica. Be sure to check them out!Magic Marketweek Las Vegas Convention Center-3748

I was ecstatic to come home to these sweet treats from Macaron Cafe! These were very delicious and I encourage you guys to check them out whenever you’re craving macarons! The flavors were amazing: peanut butter + jelly, chocolate + raspberry, vanilla, dark chocolate, coconut, and raspberry. So good!

Macaron Cafe NYC-3799 Macaron Cafe NYC-3803

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