I have to share with you photos from my shoot with Ann McFerran. She’s totally one of my new favorite blogger/models to shoot in LA. She’s also really fun to hang out with. Did I mention she’s an extremely talented artist? Be sure to check out her blog to see both her style and art: The Modern Artista.
Ann McFerran GiggleStorm Arts District-7357 Ann McFerran GiggleStorm Arts District-7428 Ann McFerran GiggleStorm Arts District-7449 Ann McFerran GiggleStorm Arts District-7460 Ann McFerran GiggleStorm Arts District-7489

Follow her on Fyuse! http://fyu.se/u/gigglestorm30318

2 thoughts on “Ann McFerran | Street Art Meets Street Style”

  1. Gosh Ryan! You are such a veteran in your field of work… all these models/bloggers and overall amazing women you capture have flawless style but more importantly you capture their best assets and bring them to life behind that lens of yours. I wish one day when I become the blogger that I set out to be; we can collaborate on a photo-shoot or project together!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

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