Last year, I went to BeautyCon for the first time and had a very memorable moment. I met a lot of amazing people and some of them have become my best blogger friends since then. I decided to check it out again this year knowing that I was going to have another blast hanging out with my friends and meeting new ones.

I came with YouTuber Ally Chen (@fashionbyally) and musician Lola Fair (@lolafair). We spent some time out in the courtyard and took some fun footage and Fyuses with other bloggers and attendees. It was really fun showing Fyuse to everyone and watching their reactions!

Ally and Lola

Afterwards, we realized there was a side entrance for Talent and Professionals, and we escaped the heat and went inside. Ally and I went straight for the Talent Lounge which was filled with so many YouTube Stars, Viners, and Makeup/Beauty vloggers. We ran into Amy Pham (@iamamypham), Stephanie Villa (@soothingsista), Sophia Chang (@fashionista804), Claire Marshall (@heyclaire), and Jenn Im (@imjennim).

BeautyCon LA 2015-1137BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1128 BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1129

Later on, I joined Glam Queen Arika Sato on the red carpet and watched her get interviewed.BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1012

I also finally got to meet TV Host Xixi Yang in person!BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1072

Here’s Arika and Lola at The Platform.BeautyCon LA 2015-1132

Then Arika and I went back to the Talent Lounge. I also got to meet Jen Chae (@frmheadtotoe)! Here she is with Sophia and Arika.

BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1111

You just never know who you will run into at the Talent Lounge: @karrueche, @mac_daddyy, and @jamaalbuster with Arika. Here’s one of Evelina and Arika that I took for her Instagram.

BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1096
I also ran into Julia Kelly (@MissJuliaKelly), who I wanted to take a photograph last year but she was heading off on another direction. But I was able to snap a photo of her this time around.BeautyCon LA 2015-1144


One of the biggest struggles being in the Talent Lounge is figuring out who is who. BeautyCon and New York Fashion Week always make me realize that the blogging/vlogging world just keeps growing and growing with new stars and existing stars that you didn’t know existed. But that is what attending events is for – meeting them in person and getting to know them if you get the chance.

I later found Ally and all the new friends she made: @miastammer, @laurdiy, @treemachannel, @taramassicotte, @jill_cimorelli, @viviannn_v. Oh here’s the coolest Fyuse ever: Click Here.BeautyCon LA 2015-1148

Here’s Tree and Vivian! Here’s a Fyuse I took of them: Click Here.
BeautyCon LA 2015-1141

And here’s Tiffany Ma (@misstiffanyma) and Ally.BeautyCon LA 2015-1140

Okay so it got super hot inside The Reef, and I decided to head out to the Meet Up Tents. I hung out at Arika’s Meet Up and then Marianna Hewitt’s. When Arika wasn’t busy, I brought her to hang out at Marianna’s tent and take these fun photos.

BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1230 BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1227

Here’s a cute Selfie Fyuse that Marianna took at her tent: Click Here. Check out her YouTube video of her day! (She’s so fast!)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been to BeautyCon and esp if you love makeup/beauty and meeting YouTubers and other celebs!

Written by

Ryan C

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