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Ryan C

Back on Melrose Place with this babe Ellen V Lora. It took me awhile to decipher what was written on her bralet, then she told me it says “i.d.f.w.u” from Me You Versus Life (MYVL Clothing). I thought it was clever, especially the name of the LA-based brand that I found out through her. Hope you love the shots! I’ll be shooting with Ellen again soon (fun fun fun!). Here’s a super cool Fyuse from our shoot: Click Here.

EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2829 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2876 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2919 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2955 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2988 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-3050

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