Arika Sato and I wanted to shoot someplace out of our normal shooting spots (i.e. Melrose Place and Melrose Avenue). So I suggested Venice Beach and she said, why not! She brought in several swim pieces from Lisa Blue Swimwear and Ami Club Wear and we took our shoot along Venice Beach. Of course we had to avoid the unwanted gazes of creepers, so we found a nice spot where no one would bother us. It was a really nice warm and sunny day, and we had tons of fun shooting both photos and videos for her #FirstGlamDayofSummer Lookbook. Then we got really hangry towards the end but managed to finish all the looks we needed. We ended up eating in Koreatown later on. Here’s the video and photos! Hope you like them!

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 1

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 2

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 3

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 4

Here’s a VLOG from the shoot (skip to 1:55)

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