Hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to share my LA adventures from this past weekend with my partner-in-crime Ariana Lauren. I first started my trip with an awesome ride with Blacklane from my front door all the way to SFO airport. The car was super smooth and the driver was really nice. We totally bonded and talked about life! Did I mention to you how I’ve vowed to be always early getting to my flights now ever since I missed my flight from NYC to SFO a few weeks ago? Anyways, be sure to check out Blacklane whenever you need a car service┬áto anywhere! Ariana and I then met and had lunch at the Virgin America terminal. First thing she said when she met me: “I want brown rice.” So we did.

The flight was smooth. This is us right before takeoff.2015-05-29 11.35.18

After getting our rental car, we dropped by Me Undies Headquarters in Culver City to meet with my friend Robbie and his team. We totally love their selection of underwear – be sure to check them out!2015-05-29 21.26.20

After checking in The Charlie Hotel, we then trekked to Sunset Blvd for a late lunch with Miss Arika Sato. We took some shots around Sunset Blvd and Melrose Avenue later on. It was nice to get some sun and warmth compared to the cold SF weather.2015-05-29 20.37.30

The next day, I did a quick shoot with Arika and we both got our favorite juice at L.A. Juice on Melrose Avenue!2015-05-30 11.07.28-2

Then Ariana, Christina Aguayo, and I took off for Malibu. It’s such a beautiful region but the drive is insane especially when there is traffic. But totally worth it!

2015-05-30 13.32.28-2

Here’s Christina when we were at Islands. We were so hungry after the shoot that we didn’t care where we ate!2015-05-30 16.50.21

Later on, Christina, Fiona, Ariana and I all went to the Me Undies Pop-up Party on Abott Kinney. It was such a blast! I got to meet some amazing people from the Me Undies team! Fiona has a super fun recap from the party on TealKitty.com.2015-05-31 15.49.54 2015-05-31 15.49.55-1 2015-05-31 15.49.55-3

And last but not least, I was happy to have a moment to shoot with Marianna Hewitt! She’s so lovely! If you were following her on her Snapchat, we had a moment where she acted like my Uber driver. Add her “Marianna_Hewitt”!Marianna Hewitt Melrose Avenue


So many photos to process after this weekend! Excited to share them all with you!


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