Shooting hungry is always a challenge. This was the very last look during my session with Louise Roe, and we were actually shooting right in front of the restaurant we planned to go to: Wurstkuche in the Arts District (be sure to try this place while you’re in LA). So I was actually thinking about food during this shoot. But Louise did an amazing job in front of the camera while I tried to focus. Sitting down poses are always a challenge compared to standing ones, so be sure to angle the subject’s legs a bit and have one leg stretched out. You want the legs to look as long as you can. Be sure to check out Louise Roe’s blog for more details of her outfit: Modern Day 9 to 5 Style.

Louise-Roe-FrontRoe-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6987Louise-Roe-FrontRoe-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6985  Louise-Roe-FrontRoe-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6995 Louise-Roe-FrontRoe-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-7011 Louise-Roe-FrontRoe-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-7025 Louise-Roe-FrontRoe-Los-Angeles-Fashion-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-7032


Oh and did I mention I’m going to shoot Louise Roe during next week’s NYFW? Stay tuned!


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