My shoot with Miss Pau Dictado was actually a very last minute shoot. She left a comment on my Instagram post saying that she lived in my hometown (Diamond Bar) during my Christmas stay. Fortunately I had an opening on a Saturday morning and we made good use of that time. We shot by a nearby park that happens to be where I shot my high school sadie hawkins photos way back in 2001. I really love working with Pau so much that we both scheduled another last minute shoot for the next morning on my last day in Southern California. I’m happy to have made a new friend in my hometown that I truly enjoy hanging out with. Don’t be surprised to see more of her on my blog and Instagram page! Check out her blog:


On a side note, here’s a really great article on photo tricks that you could use to improve your photography (mobile + DSLR): 20 easy photo tricks to instantly improve quality. I have got to try the panorama trick! You’re welcome!



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