Every year, I do a recap of my ten favorite photographs of the year. This is a very challenging process since I did so many photoshoots this year (can’t even count it anymore). I also love doing this recap because it allows me to take a step back and remember some of the highlights of my journey and the wonderful people I’ve met. Thank you for all the support on my photography and hope you’ve enjoyed the bloggers I’ve shot and featured as well. I’m looking forward to see what 2015 brings. I know each new year only gets better and better, as long as you’re willing to work hard to achieve your goals.

10. Fiona Leahy (TealKitty.com): How I met Fiona was the somewhat classic “we met on Instagram” story. I found her Instagram profile while surfing through a Drai’s DayClub location check-in and the rest was history. This was from our very first shoot when she visited San Francisco. She told me she wanted to start a blog and I gave her some tips and encouragement. I love how passionate she is with her writing and sharing her adventures with everyone. Definitely check out TealKitty!
Fiona Leahy TealKitty San Francisco Fashion Photography by Ryan Chua

9. Daniela Ramirez (Nany’s Klozet): I’ve been dying to shoot with Nany for the longest time. When she asked me to do a shoot with her at New York Fashion Week this past September, I was stoked! She also surprised me with a completely different look when she sprung out of Lincoln Center with a fresh and rockstar hairstyle. Totally love her outfit here, and I hope I get to shoot with her again when our paths cross next year.
Daniela Ramirez NanysKlozet NYC Fashion Blogger Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua

8. Anna Urmeneta (@HeyItsAnnaBanana): Everything about this shoot with the beautiful Anna felt like a dream. Anna always has amazing style, and this dress blew me away. She looked like Spring Personified.
Anna Urmeneta HeyItsAnnaBanana San Francisco Fashion Blogger Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua

7. Trang Le (Trangspage.com): This cutie totally made my summer. We did a quick shoot on Maiden Lane during our first meeting, and then we pretty much shot all the time throughout the summer. This one was my favorite look from her.
7 - Trang Le Trangspage Fashion Blogger Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua

6. Francis Lola (the blvck sheep). I met Francis at Beauty Con LA for the first time this summer, and we decided to meet up and shoot on my next LA trip. She had me shoot with her in Long Beach, and came upon this colorful store that totally matched her outfit. Francis is one of the most amazing models/bloggers I’ve worked with!
6 - Francis Lola Flamcis Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua

5. Ellen V Lora (Rocafox). When I first came upon Ellen’s Instagram, I was in love. I got the chance to shoot with her when Francis hyped me up to her. This was from our first shoot on Melrose Place, and from that point on, Ellen and I became partners-in-crime every time I came down to Los Angeles. I regularly shoot Ellen now and she always mesmerize me with new edgy styles each time I see her.
Ellen EllenVLora of Rocafox Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua

4. Ruby Park (The Ruby Element). I met Ruby Park in the late spring and since then she’s become one of my favorite bloggers to shoot with. We’ve racked up major shooting hours together since she also visits me in SF from time to time. This was my favorite shot from all our shoots together; she was just in her own element and all I had to do was capture it.

3. Paula Newlands. One of my dreams was to shoot swimwear in Miami. Paula made that wish come true when I visited Miami for Miami Swim Week. South Beach was dreamy (and also really hot). But I can finally check this off my To-Do List!
Swimwear Paula Newlands Fashion Model Miami Photography by Ryan Chua

2. Jessica Ricks (Hapatime). One of my favorite shoots this past summer was with Hapatime. I don’t get to shoot her that often but when we do shoot together, amazing things always happen. This was a collaboration with Trendy Blendy and it was a very memorable shoot for me just to work with Jessica again.
Jessica Ricks Hapatime Fashion Blogger Photography by Ryan Chua

1. Eugenie Grey (Feral Creature). I remember being invited to shoot with Eugenie right after her birthday bash this past summer. We only had less than 15 minutes to shoot this look in downtown Los Angeles, but that was all I needed. A week later, these shots were the most liked on both our Instagram accounts and it was also featured on @lookbook’s Instagram account. She’s definitely one of my ultimate faves right now.
Feral Creature Eugenie Grey Fashion Blogger Los Angeles Photography by Ryan Chua

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