Fiona Leahy | Union Square

I was so happy Fiona Leahy (Teal Kitty) came to visit me in San Francisco again. I believe it was the third time this year since I first met her this summer. We’ve now become really good friends after hanging out in SF and in LA. For this shoot, we did three looks featuring Shop Enter (only showing two looks here, the third one isn’t ready yet). Fiona always has the cutest, genuine smile during shoots, and is always full of energy which I love capturing on camera. Hope you enjoyed the shots! Visit her blog post for more details: The City.

Fiona_Leahy_TealKitty_Fashion_Blogger_San_Francisco-9686 Fiona_Leahy_TealKitty_Fashion_Blogger_San_Francisco-9705 Fiona+Leahy+Teal+Kitty+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-9487 Fiona+Leahy+Teal+Kitty+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-9505 Fiona+Leahy+Teal+Kitty+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-9614