If you haven’t heard already, San Francisco has a lot of vibrant neighborhoods. During Elizabeth Keene’s visit, I showed her around several neighborhoods around the City. Actually, the first three photos are shot right outside my street in Glen Park, which has a row of very colorful houses. Then we trekked to downtown San Francisco and had lunch at Cafe de la Presse in the French Quarters. I really love Elizabeth’s outfit, she brought a fresh and colorful feel to the shoot (and made SF a lot more fun and vibrant that day)! Don’t forget to visit her blog: A Keene Sense of Style.
Elizabeth_Keene_Fashion_Blogger_A_Keene_Sense_of_Style-3537 Elizabeth_Keene_Fashion_Blogger_A_Keene_Sense_of_Style-3541 Elizabeth_Keene_Fashion_Blogger_A_Keene_Sense_of_Style-3553 Elizabeth_Keene_Fashion_Blogger_A_Keene_Sense_of_Style-3759 Elizabeth_Keene_Fashion_Blogger_A_Keene_Sense_of_Style-3768 Elizabeth_Keene_Fashion_Blogger_A_Keene_Sense_of_Style-3794

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