Here’s a really cute outfit shoot that Ruby Park of The Ruby Element and I did just a few weekends ago in Malibu. We were blessed with amazing weather (then again, it’s always sunny in Southern California!) and had a chance to shoot on the Malibu Pier before the swarm of tourists got bigger. It was also my first time shooting in Malibu, so this was a really fun and memorable shoot for me. Check out this cute candid video of Ruby by the way!

Visit her blog for more details of her outfit: [Blush & Blue]
Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Malibu+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-6838-EDITEDRuby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Malibu+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-6929-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Malibu+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-6933-EDITEDRuby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Malibu+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7082-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Malibu+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7012-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Malibu+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7159

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