Jessica Hapatime | Blue Sky

I had the AMAZING opportunity to shoot with Jessica of Hapatime again, and I was BEYOND excited to do the shoot! This was actually the third time Jessica and I shot together for Trendy Blendy, so at this point, we knew how to work with each other. That is very important when you have to do 11 looks (both studio and outdoors) in 4 hours. We also know how to have fun and goof off during the shoots as well (video 1  and video 2 too) – making it a blast to work with Jessica! I love working with her and I’m excited to share several more photos from the other looks soon!

Check out her blog post for more details of her outfit: Hapatime.

Get the dress here: Trendy Blendy.

Jessica Hapatime x Trendy Blendy x Photography by Ryan Chua-9100-WEB Jessica Hapatime Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua-9139-EDITeD Jessica Hapatime Floral Jessica Hapatime Streetstyle Photography by Ryan Chua-9111-EDITED