The Feral Creature

I’m going to admit that this was probably one of the most epic shoots I’ve done this year so far. This shoot with Eugénie Grey relied on timing. Just a week before, I ran into her at the Le Tote event in San Francisco. I was so excited to meet her for the first time since I’ve been following her for awhile on Instagram. Fast forward a couple days later, my trip to Los Angeles for Mother’s Day coincided with her birthday brunch at Herringbone in the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. She invited me to shoot with her right after her brunch, where we regrouped in downtown LA to shoot this look. Normally working with someone for the first time involves a lot of adjustments and takes. But this shoot was very much effortless. Eugénie was so natural in front of the camera, making her so much fun to shoot. She also looked captivating in her outfit and knocked down her killer poses.

I really love how the shots turned out. I look forward to shooting with her again the next time I’m back down in LA! Check out her blog post for more details of her outfit: If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird.

Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7501 Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7523 Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7537 Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7532 Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7596 Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7751 Feral+Creature+Eugenie+Grey+Fashion+Blogger+Streetstyle+Photography+By+Ryan+Chua-7727