Ruby Park | Girl with Killer Poses

I have to admit, these photos of blogger Ruby Park has become my favorite shots this year! The best part about working with someone who’s very comfortable in front of the camera (and with amazing modeling skills) is that it also helps me elevate my type of shots as well. In other words, it’s much easier to capture amazing shots when your subject can knock down killer poses. Posing isn’t just about how to look pretty in front of the camera, but also how to┬áinteract with the outfit to make it shine even more. In other words, great bloggers/models make the clothes look good too! I was actually just consulting another blogger on how to pose. It makes such a difference if you knew what to do with your hands, your eyes, your lips, and your legs as well as how to interact with certain pieces of your outfit.

Hope you enjoyed the shots. We shot this on Melrose Place, which is now one of my favorite areas to shoot! Check out Ruby’s post from this shoot for more details of her outfit: [Fairy Dust-er].
Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4460-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4489-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4496-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4536-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4546-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4568-EDITED Ruby+Park+The+Ruby+Element+Los+Angeles+Fashion+Blogger+Summer+Trends+Streetstyle+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4622-EDITED