I was lucky to shoot again with Linda Le (aka Vampy Bit Me) this spring! After we went through the wardrobe selection, I knew I just had to take her to one of my favorite shooting spots – The Cliff House! On a very nice warm day, Ocean Beach and the Cliff House (and even the Sutro Baths) are the perfect spots to hang out and shoot, especially since they are all in the same vicinity. Linda looked perfect in this dress from Charlotte Russe, the mint just goes well with the scenery. Oh did I mention she had a close encounter with being hit by a bird poop? I hate birds now. I got pooped on in a shoot with Lina Dinh two months ago, so I wasn’t too happy about birds that day.

Outfit shoots usually go a long way when you’re in the right environment (lighting, colors, background), so choose your shooting locations wisely! In other words, match the outfit with the environment! Hope you enjoyed the shots!

Linda+Le+Vampy+Bit+Me+Charlotte+Russe+Dress+San+Francisco+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4082-EDITED Linda+Le+Vampy+Bit+Me+Charlotte+Russe+Dress+San+Francisco+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4088-EDITED Linda+Le+Vampy+Bit+Me+Charlotte+Russe+Dress+San+Francisco+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4105 Linda+Le+Vampy+Bit+Me+Charlotte+Russe+Dress+San+Francisco+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4102-EDITED Linda+Le+Vampy+Bit+Me+Charlotte+Russe+Dress+San+Francisco+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4136-EDITED Linda+Le+Vampy+Bit+Me+Charlotte+Russe+Dress+San+Francisco+Photography+by+Ryan+Chua-4148-EDITED

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