This is actually the first non-blogger shoot I’ve done this year. I was more than happy to do this shoot with my favorite creative team members – Steph Lam as our stylist, Yavil Vazquez as our makeup artist, and Monica W of JE Models as our model. It first started when Steph asked me if I would be interested in doing a 90s concept. I’ve never shot anything like that before, but I was definitely up to the challenge. The moment Steph showed me the outfits, I knew I made the right decision. I also thought Monica would be the perfect model as well. Yavil is pretty much my go-to favorite makeup artist, so she definitely was on board the moment I pitch the concept to her.

The preparations for the shoot happened none other than at my apartment. My super cool roommate Rene helped provide some amazing mimosas that just made everything a lot more fun. Steph brought in some amazing food from Burma Superstar as well. We shot around the Potrero District which gave us a lot of great locations for our 90s concept. Monica definitely rocked it in front of the camera, and Steph and Yavil did an amazing job behind the camera.

2014-02-23 14.55.09 Behind the Scenes Ryan Chua 022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4137 022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4144 022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4155

022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4281Steph Lam Monica Wiseman Model Behind the Scenes 2014-02-23 16.34.17 2014-02-23 16.41.51 022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4412

We were blessed with warm weather during the day, but it also got colder towards the end. You can see Yavil and Monica trying to breeze with makeup touchups through the cold.022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4687 022314 90s Shoot Behind the Scenes-4810

Hope you enjoyed the shots! Stay tuned for the final shots!


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