Ever since I started my photography career back in 2009, I’ve always dreamed of being published in a major fashion magazine. Funny thing, I first set out for getting published in editorials, but I am so glad I followed my passion in streetstyle photography! Although I did get published on Vanity Fair’s June 2013 issue, it was rather a tiny photograph. This one is super special! This was a shot of superstar blogger Aimee Song (Song of Style) that I took last September’s fashion week in New York at Lincoln Center. Next thing I know, it’s on Cosmopolitan‘s March 2014 Issue (page 86)! Be sure to get a copy when it hits the newsstands soon! It helps to already have a subscription, I already got mine ahead of time!

Thanks Cosmopolitan Magazine team! <3

Cosmopolitan USA - March 2014 Cosmopolitan USA - March 2014 86

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