My Top 13 Favorites of 2013

2013 is a special year for me. It’s the year that I really fell in love with streetstyle photography. As a result, I was able to meet so many amazing people this year. Some of them have become really good friends that I can’t live without! Choosing my favorite 13 was incredibly difficult, but here they are (in no particular order)!

13. Aimee Song: day before New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 outside IFB Conference. This was a very memorable shot for me because it was also the first time Aimee featured my photos on her blog (See: Brrr..)! You have no idea how happy I was!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-9157

12. Natalie Liao: I only let one blogger direct me during a shoot and that’s Natalie. I admire Natalie’s art direction because it helps me connect with her vision. We shot this during New York Fashion Week in September (and four other looks which were also super amazing!).

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-7169

11. Roxy Limon:  Back in September, Roxy and I collaborated together for the first four days of fashion week. Not only did we become really good roommates at the Hudson Hotel, we managed to take lots of amazing shots and video footage all over New York such as Central Park. This also became my most memorable NYFW trip because of my time with Roxy!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-6715

10. Chriselle Lim: So Aimee Song walks out of Lincoln Center after the BCBG show during the February fashion week and introduces me to her friend, who happens to be The Chriselle Lim (aka Chriselle Factor). After meeting Chriselle, we decided we would meet every day to take shots of her outfits. It was such an honor! We would shoot several more in San Francisco and September’s fashion week.

Aimee and Chriselle Lim

9. Elizabeth Keene: I’m pretty sure Elizabeth was a supermodel back in her previous life, and reincarnated as a fashion blogger to become one of my favorite muses. Elizabeth is such a natural in front of the camera, and each time we shoot together, we get closer to perfection. She is also one of my BFFs (just like Melanee), and one of the people I always have to see each time I am down in LA!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-0308

8. Melanee Shale: One of the sweetest bloggers in the world! I remember meeting and shooting with her the first time in Manhattan Beach. She was a bit shy in front of my camera at first, but throughout the months she would continues to mesmerize me with killer poses! Also another one of my best blogger friends that I can’t live without! We shot this in Pasadena this month, which happens to be one of my last shoots of 2013.

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-4874

7. Aimee Santos: I remember Aimee telling me to give her lots of directions and that she isn’t a model right before our shoot. Funny that within the first ten shots I took of her, she nails down this killer pose in Manhattan Beach. Oh, and I wasn’t a fan of midi skirts until Aimee showed up with this look. Midi skirts are amazing if styled well!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-2558

6. Song Sisters: This was right after the Red Valentino x Song of Style event in San Francisco. I shot Dani and Aimee strolling through the downtown crowd. I hope to see them in San Francisco more often!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-7808

5. Chanel Iman and Dani Song: One of my dreams is to meet a Victoria’s Secret model in person. I had no idea that I would be hanging out with the Song Sisters and Chanel Iman at Coachella.

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-0574

4. Natalie Liao: I just remember telling her to sit down, look to her left, and hold her hat on the side. I waited till a couple of yellow cabs whizzed by. This became one of my ultimate favorite shots of all time! See the entire set here: La Vagabond Dame. New York is such a magical place to shoot!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-3994

3. Jessica Ricks: A few months ago, my friend Sandy asked I could shoot with Jessica for TrendyBlendy. I immediately said yes! It was my second time working with Miss Hapatime and one of my most memorable photoshoots in 2013. She is also an amazing model in front of the camera. I will always remember the goofiness on set whenever we work together!

Jessica Hapatime-9381

2. Sheryl Luke: One of my last shoots during New York Fashion Week in September, Sheryl and I did an impromptu shoot around the Hudson Hotel and in such a short amount of time, take tons of amazing shots including this one! (Also the most liked photo on my Instagram!). The timing of the cab driver waiting by his cab made such a difference in this shot!

Ryan Chua Top 12 2013 Photoshoot-7648

1. Jessica Stein and Zanita Morgan: I remember standing by myself outside of Lincoln Center when Jessica and Zanita came out of nowhere and were hanging out in front of me. I wasted no time in asking them to shoot and had them pose in front of the MBFW sign. I’ve never shot any Australian bloggers until this moment. It was such a dream to finally have shot Tuula Vintage and Zanita Zanita!

Tuula Vintage New York Fashion Week NYFW Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS2014 Streetstyle by Ryan Chua Day Three-5787

It’s been a great year. I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. I hope you can be part of that journey too! Have a Happy New Year!