I finally got to meet the talented SF-based designer Alyssa Nicole on Saturday. We met at the La Boulange on Sutter Street in Union Square. Started off with a “guess the flavor” of the macarons game, but realized she’s tried them all before and is quite a pro at it. Nevertheless, we swapped stories on our personal lives and to how we got to where we are now (me: photographer, her: designer). Actually have been a fan of her work ever since I discovered her on blogger Kathleen Carla’s Instagram posts (ah, yes, the power of Instagram).

After our talk, we decided to do a photoshoot of her outfit of the day. I won’t spoil the details of her outfit, you can read it on her blog. But the very first thing she said to me was “We’re not shooting on Maiden Lane.” I just burst out laughing, after recalling several comments from friends about how I always shoot on Maiden Lane. I very much obliged and took her to my other favorite spot to shoot in downtown: The French Quarters. Luckily there weren’t that many tourists in that section, and we managed to snap some amazing shots.

We love shooting with each other so much, that the very next day we met up again and did a four-look photoshoot featuring more of her fall collection. You’ll see them very soon. Hang tight!

101213 Alyssa Nicole French Quarters Photoshoot by Ryan Chua-4608

101213 Alyssa Nicole French Quarters Photoshoot by Ryan Chua-4705

101213 Alyssa Nicole French Quarters Photoshoot by Ryan Chua-4759

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