As you all know, summer in San Francisco isn’t like all the other summers around the United States. We have the fog, and lots of it. But finally it has cleared up and sunnier days are here to stay. With that, things have been a lot more festive, or shall I say, people are a lot more festive than before. Lots of life changes for me too, starting with the move from Inner Sunset to a new neighborhood that I’m starting to fall in love with. I’ve decided to create a recap to remember what just happened in the past two weeks.
2013-06-29 20.05.28

Had some quality time with my college friend Joyce over Pinkberry! It’s definitely frozen yogurt weather!

2013-06-30 09.20.09

My best friend Mike helping me move to my new place, along with giving me a 50″ hdtv for all our gaming sessions!

2013-06-30 11.04.56-2

In N Out never fails.

2013-07-01 15.33.42-12013-07-01 15.33.34-1

This swallow tail butterfly knows no fear around humans. I was this close to be able to snap away with my iPhone!

2013-07-01 15.50.53

Hot dog!

2013-07-01 11.57.19-1

I am always amused by Charlotte at work. She’s so entertaining and makes things a lot more fun around the office!

2013-07-01 16.11.46-3

Hey Samantha, I like your tiger tee!

2013-07-03 08.59.02-2

Due to the BART Strike, I had to think of other forms of transportation. Luckily one of my team members offered to pick me up along the way. Elizabeth was sweet enough to make me this really healthy drink to make me “live longer”.

2013-06-24 11.43.00

Photoshoots are always fun! Janelle making a face in the mirror in between shoots.

2013-06-24 12.19.29-4

I’m the guy who takes behind the scenes photos of our CR shoots!

2013-06-25 10.23.25-2

I finally got to visit the Twitter Headquarters! Oh and hot breakfast Tuesdays is sooo good!

2013-06-25 16.14.24-2

Coffee and shoes.

2013-06-26 08.11.02

Hello Sunshine over Florida!

2013-06-26 17.40.29

I snapped this while waiting for the pedestrian crosswalk light to turn green. Interesting four corners shot of Montogomery and Kearney Street!

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