Moving Forward / Sunday Afternoon with Crystal

I’ve been busy moving last weekend to my new apartment in San Francisco, and I think I’m close to being settled in a few days. All that’s missing is internet service, which Comcast failed miserably in providing it to me. So it’s been an excruciating couple of days without internet, and I can’t do a lot of things on my iPhone alone.

Regardless, I had a really fun weekend with Crystal of Sixth Tractate. The weather was just AMAZING, and we finally had that sunny+warm weather that is starting to surface in San Francisco. We shot around the Ferry Building and Pier 3. I just couldn’t stand the tourists getting in the picture, so we found a quieter spot in Pier 3. We decided to get an early dinner too since I didn’t have lunch at all. Crystal suggested her favorite brunch place and tried to make me eat healthy. I decided to pick the least healthiest thing on the menu by the way (LOL). Here’s a quick sneak peek!

2013-06-30 17.51.54-2 2013-06-30 18.08.02 2013-06-30 19.07.01-2063013 Crystal Lin Mint Dress Embarcadero SELECTS-5918063013 Crystal Lin Mint Dress Embarcadero SELECTS-5860

Full shots coming soon on my blog and Sixth Tractate!