After so many years, I finally got my wish! I’ve always wanted to visit the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park! What better way than with my CR team members Monica and Rowena. We had a quick tour of the campus, followed by a meeting, lunch, a quick bike photo-op, and then Philz Coffee! Why not, right? It was also Monica and Rowena’s first cup of Philz Coffee and they totally love it! Overall, it was a blast. The food was pretty good (hungry thinking about it). And the campus was quite energetic and lively on a Friday afternoon.

2013-05-10 10.48.25-facebook

2013-05-10 11.03.13-1

2013-05-10 12.10.05-facebook

2013-05-10 12.41.07-1

2013-05-10 12.50.00-philz

2013-05-10 12.51.44-selects

2013-05-10 12.26.10

2013-05-10 12.54.52-2

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