Coachella Day One

I didn’t know what to expect for my very first Coachella experience, so i just kept all my expectations low and thought it would be much like Outside Lands (in SF). I was wrong. Coachella is way more organized than Outside Lands (and expensive too!). I also really love the crowd – the fashion is way more trendier and refined than the only other musical festival I’ve gone too. I’m not really into the music, I only know Wu Tang Clan, Lumineers, and 2 Chainz from the lineup. I really do enjoying bumping into my favorite bloggers (Aimee Song, Dani Song, Chanda Stacker, Kathleen Murillo) and fashionistas! Here are some photos I’ve snapped of Day One at Coachella.
Aimee Song Song of Style Aimee Dani IMG_0080IMG_0160

Pancake Stacker and Kathleen Carla IMG_0319 Aimee Song of Song of Style IMG_0155Hands up IMG_0086 Kelsie Garland Chrystal Michelle IMG_0119Team Charlotte IMG_0331 IMG_0365 v2