So I made a FB post today about my new Starbucks name (see photo below) and this guy says “Oh you support genocide by drinking Starbucks.” And I was so taken aback that I was like gosh I hate you Facebook. You’ve changed. People use to be more fun when it came to commenting on posts with responses like “Hey Ryan, that’s really funny how they put ‘The Situation’ on your Starbucks cup instead of your real name!” And “You are so funny, Ryan, you should be a comedian!”

What if I posted a picture of a cat and then someone writes a nasty comment about me posting photos of cats is like supporting child labor in Indonesia? What if I posted a photo of my dinner and someone writes a nasty comment about how eating pho contributes to global warming? I am just frustrated with how Facebook has become nowadays. Goodbye to posting anything on Facebook!!

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Ryan C

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