When I’m not doing photoshoots, retouching, meetings, producing interviews and other content, I’ll be working on social media strategies and campaigns for other companies. Don’t get me wrong, I love running most of the social media campaigns for ASTONISH, but it’s also a pleasure working with other brands and helping them take their digital marketing strategy to the next level. So far I’ve worked with AF Accelerator, Stylexclusive.com, Lovelylovely.me and Rocksbox.com (see screenshot).

I’ve always been fascinated with media since I first discovered how to create a website through Geocities (sounds familiar, right? Not if you were just born in the 90’s). I started creating what was the precursor to a “blog”. Then Xanga came into my life and just made the process so much easier. Next was Livejournal. I then forgot what all those three were when blogger.com and WordPress arrived in front of my doorsteps. I love to write and express my thoughts and experiences, so I was naturally drawn into the blogging world. Then social media revolution came and forever change things, not just for me but for everyone else. Before I know it, Facebook became my new blog, Twitter my microblog, Tumblr my photoblog and so forth.

Here’s my theory. So many noise out there about what the best practices are for social media. One thing I do know is that you can’t have Social Media without “Media”. In fact, I was sitting in a talk by the co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone at HULT Business University, who said that “Media is social.” Amen! So for a solid and successful social media campaign, you must be able to produce powerful content to effectively carry out day-to-day postings and engagement/user acquisition goals. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of companies haven’t figured this out.


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