ASTONISH Diaries: May 21, 2011

I decided I wanted to have my 28th birthday in New York City. It was also the perfect opportunity to visit my friends and make new connections in the fashion industry. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful partner-in-crime, Mina Kim, who is one of the most talented and amazing makeup artist I’ve ever known. Together, we went on a networking spree that allowed us to meet several models, photographers, designers, a modeling agency owner, and a handful of bloggers.

What I learned about New York fashion industry is that it moves fast. Keep up with the pace, or you’ll fall behind. ¬†Also, what I loved about this trip was that you never know who you’ll meet. At one point Mina and I had a meeting with a model, then we met her agent, who introduced us to a designer. The designer introduced me to an amazing fashion student graduate named Kristen, who later became an integral part of ASTONISH.

If you’re starting out in fashion, definitely go to New York the first chance you’ll get. New York breathes and exhales fashion.

Written by

Ryan C

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