When I first started my photography career, I thought I’d never touch on these so called “lifestyle” shoots. They aren’t as glamorous or exciting as fashion editorials. However, I did end up shooting a couple during the beginning of my photography journey.

I found these lifestyle photos from my old harddrive, a set with Stacey Lee and Justin back in 2009. I thought these were cute. The models did a great job having fun and being natural in front of the camera.

So here’s my guide to shooting lifestyle:

1. Be as natural as possible. Have the models act the part as if it is actually happening. Bring out their inner actor / actress.

2. Props props props! Without them, your shots will rely heavily on just the model (which would be very boring). ┬áBut with the right props, you’ve taken your set to the next level.

3. Natural-looking models. Of course, anyone can be a lifestyle model. But it’s easier when you’re working with men and women who look like the average joe, but with more attractive features.

4. Natural lighting. Things will look better with natural lighting than flash / studio lights.

5. Wardrobe: Nothing too flashy so that the clothes don’t drown the “lifestyle” feel.

Hope that helps.

Written by

Ryan C

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