About a year ago around late October 2011, I found Nicole’s portfolio online. Maybe it was Facebook or Model Mayhem. I was supposed to meet up with her at Cal Poly Pomona since my family lives in Diamond Bar, but I cancelled my meeting with her. I think I was having a really bad day and had tons of errands to do for the family, but nevertheless we kept in touch for the next 12 months. We finally had our first shoot ever after waiting for so long. And of course, we might as well make the most out of it, for who knows when we might shoot again? The result? Thirteen looks in less than 12 hours. After the first round of shots, I knew she was going to be my new favorite muse!

Here is a preview of the first look.

Photo Oct 21, 10 50 51 AM

Nicole Tan-3428

IMG_3863 - Nicole Tan Los Angeles Model

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