This dog always makes me laugh. There were times when my team and I would be presented with a problem. And I would just stare at the person presenting the problem with a blank stare. Of course, not for long. Eventually we as a team would figure out a game plan and figure out the best strategy for tackling any challenges.

Just some of the outrageous challenges we went through the past two years:

1. We printed the magazines overseas. Unfortunately somewhere along the line, there was a miscommunication as to where the magazines were being shipped. (The ship was already on its way to another destination). How do you tell a ship to change course?

2. What last minute food would you serve to a 20+ models and makeup/hair/stylist crew two hours prior to your fashion show?

3. An important team member is AWOL (absent without leave) in the last 48 hours prior to your deadline. What do you do?

4. You lost your press pass right before an all-exclusive industry after party. How do you get in?

There were so many more, but I’d rather stop here. Too painful to recollect.


Written by

Ryan C

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