Here are some behind the scenes shots of my photoshoot with Bethany Pifer. Our makeup artist was Juelz, and our hair was Jacqueline Gomes. Our prep was at Bethany’s pad, which was pretty cool because she had like 5 cats. Or was it 6? I’m not sure. Oh and a dog too. We drove to Baker Beach, San Francisco for the beach shoot. We thought it was going to be summer-like, but realized it was quite the opposite. I guess you never know what San Francisco weather is going to be like on the day of a shoot.

This just in: Cat steals the show.
Jacqueline is a pro when it comes to hair.
Jacqueline also helped out carrying the warm blanket that kept Bethany out of the cold.
Are you sure you want to get in the water, Bethany?
Giving Bethany that wet hair look.
As with any beach shoot, you get sand everywhere.

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Ryan C

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