New York Fashion Week. All eyes were on her. The photographers all turned their cameras at the female presence commanding the catwalk. Camera shots fired, flashes everywhere – it was a photography frenzy. But the fashion show hasn’t started. The lights were still dimmed. Guests were still attending to their seats.  This was just another moment in which Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro stole the show before the real show even began. And that’s when I first met Lisalla back in 2011 at MBFW SS2012 in NYC. Little did I know that this female presence swarmed by the press would be the cover model for Maybelline Cosmetics and one of the faces of Victoria’s Secret PINK line. At 21, she already has a very impressive resume (Vogue Brazil, Glamour, Nylon, Italian GQ, Cosmo Girl, etc), which means it wouldn’t be a surprise if she became a household name in the immediate future. Now my dilemma: what questions do you ask a Brazilian supermodel when you get that opportunity? Let’s find out!

Me: What’s your favorite part about being a model? 
Lisalla: My favorite part about modeling is meeting new people everyday, making new contacts where I can use these people as my partners for new projects, and making a better world! Also, the traveling is pretty fun too! I’ve been to the most amazing places on this planet and they are unforgettable! The experiences that I have with traveling and meeting great people changed my life. I try to take every opportunity that I have and make them into a new move in my life, something that will make me a better person.

Me: And the most memorable moment of your modeling career?
Lisalla: When I signed my contract with Maybelline Cosmetics – the best moment of my career!

This is a must-see video of Lisalla!

Me: Before we wrap up, what are words of inspiration that you live by?
Lisalla: LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE. Make things happen in your life. Don’t wait for people to change your life, do it yourself!

Me: Thank you Lisalla! I love your positive energy! You are an inspiration yourself! I look forward to more of your success in the fashion world! 

This has been a very brief interview with Lisalla Montenegro. Check out her website And while you’re at it, fanaticize her Facebook and follow her on Twitter

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Ryan C

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