One day this model walks into the New York loft I was staying for the week. She tells me her story – her modeling agency asked her to change her hair color and cut it short because she looks just like another model. Therefore she had to do another portfolio update. Then she tells me how her agency doesn’t believe in her and treats her like any other model. “My first step is to prove them wrong” –  she once told me back in November. I checked on her a few months later and next thing I know, she’s on the very pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine! And indeed, she has really proved her agency wrong! I present to you – Anastasia Hisel!

Me: How does it feel to be on the pages of Cosmo? And what have you been doing since then?

Anastasia: Well my shoots for Cosmo are always really fun, and I have always met great people. So seeing my pictures in Cosmo sort of recaps the good times and good memories I have during the shoot. Can’t help but smile. Sometimes I even forget that its such a popular magazine and so many people in this world can see it. 

I had an amazing opportunity to come to Bangkok, Thailand. So I am staying here for a few months for modeling. It’s only been two weeks but I already had my shoot for Thailand Cosmo page spread, was filmed for a french commercial for Ice Cream (my fave food), and shooting for another fashion magazine. I have done a lot of fashion shows too. The more I work, the more I motivate my self. I am getting a lot of callbacks for acting parts and commercials, so maybe that could be my next big project. Stay Tuned.

Me: That’s amazing Anastasia! Congratulations and keep up the good work! 

This has been a very brief interview with Anastasia Hisel. 

Written by

Ryan C

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