I present to you the dynamic duo of fashion & style bloggers – Britt and Whit. I first met them at a Mira Mira SF fashion show (special thanks to Jennie Lodge for inviting me to that one!) and I’ve been one of their biggest fans since! Their style is chic, refreshing, and fun – three great reasons for you to follow their daily adventures on their San Francisco Fashion Blog – Britt&Whit! I was able to spend some time with them to ask a very important question that I’m pretty sure everyone is dying to know as well.

Me: What are the FIVE things in your closet that you can’t live without ? 

1. Black Silence & Noise Blazer.  This blazer works well with everything.  Dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts….you name it.  I love using it as an alternative to a regular coat to give my outfit a polished look.
2. YSL Satchel.  I just got this bag but I’m already obsessed and can’t live without it.  It’s such a classic style and color that I’m sure I’ll be using it for years to come!
3. White Leather Jacket by Jack.  It’s a white leather jacket…need I say more 🙂
4. Earnest Sewn Flare Jeans.  Earnest Sewn is hands down my favorite brand of jeans.  I own about 5 pairs and I love that the brand is a bit under the radar.  The super dark wash flare cut is my favorite pair though.
5. Fuschia Scarf.  I dont’ even remember where I got this scarf as I’ve had it so long (probably at Forever 21 or H&M).  I wear scarves almost every day and this one always puts me in a good mood.

1. J Brand Skinny jeans because they fit me like a glove and come in all colors. I just added 2 more pairs to my wardrobe.
2. Chambray shirt from Madewell, the perfect layering piece, especially for San Francisco
3. A silver elephant cuff that I got in Cairo Egypt, it reminds me of far-away family and friends
4. Michael Kor’s purse, it goes everywhere with me as I am constantly running around the city between work and the blog.
5. Equipment Blouse, they are starting to become a staple in my wardrobe, you can’t stop with just one. 

Me: Wow! Now we know! Thank you girls for your time! 
This has been A Very Brief Interview with Britt&Whit! Fanaticize their blog at www.brittandwhit.com. Also, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @BrittandWhit.

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