Paula Newlands is my ultimate muse. She is all over my photography portfolio and always fun to shoot with. I am quite fortunate to have her as a muse. She has graced the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, signed with three major model agencies (LOOK, NEXT, ELITE), and have been featured in many major ad campaigns and magazine publications. When she’s not busy being a model, she runs StyleNest. And when she’s not busy running her business, she answers to interviews like mine. 

Me: What was the coolest thing you’ve ever done in your modeling career?
Paula: I got flown to Tahiti for 10 days on a direct booking and only worked 1 and 1/2 days.  I believe it was a French gossip mag! Which had mind boggled me as to why they’d do a spread in Tahiti!  I also got flown to India for one of my first shoots ever to shoot John Hardy Jewelry and ended up on a Billboard in FL and didn’t know until my boyfriend at the time drove on the Turnpike and called me in NY to tell me! One of my first jobs was also the cover of Travel and Leisure Magazine where I was flown to St. Barts to shoot…. I’ve done quite some awesome things in my time. LOL. 
Me: That’s pretty amazing, Paula!! Thank you for your time!

This has been A Very Brief Interview with Paula Newlands. Join her on Facebook and also check out StyleNest

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Ryan C

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