Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me) is the most amazing cosplay model in this universe (and in alternate universes as well). She lives, breathes, and eats art, love, metal, cosplay and worships donuts. I really don’t know how she keeps her figure but I do know that she can rock the X-Men’s Psylocke look, vampire hunter, and any anime and comic book characters you can think of.  I only had one question for her, and could be the most important question to ask her at the moment. 

LindaLecrazyhousewife Linda Le-4

Me: Why do you like donuts so much?
Linda: Because they never hurt me, only make me feel good, and are soft like teddy bears 😀
Me: LOL. Makes sense. Thank you Linda!
This has been a Very Brief Interview with Linda Le. Check out her website at

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