Jennie Lodge is one of my favorite style bloggers of all time. Her blog is Going West. I first met her two years ago at a Starbucks in downtown San Francisco. We were supposed to do a photo shoot together but we haven’t gotten a chance yet (it is still on my To-Do List). Originally from Iowa, her blog is about her journey “Going West” (California) and her love for fashion and art. I had the opportunity to snatch her from her busy schedule for this very brief interview.

Me: What do you consider as “fashion eye-sores” (or what hurts your eyes?)
Jennie: Tribal/graphic print men’s tees. Crocs and the feet shoes. Makes my eyes bleed. 
Me: I couldn’t agree more!

This has been a Very Brief Interview with Jennie Lodge. Check out her blog at Going West.

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Ryan C

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