It’s been a pretty interesting week. Never the same as the last, nor the week ahead. It keeps my life in suspense with its dose of surprises and disappointments.

I’ve met some great people this week. Some friendships and relationships that will definitely make a big impact in my goals and upcoming projects.

No matter what the week throws at me, I know I just need to find ways to tackle each and everyone of the challenges, even if there are five all at once, and then keep pushing.

I had coffee with the Founder of Gymboree, Joan Barnes. As she told me her journey, she left me with a piece of advice: “AAA”. What’s “AAA?” I said. She said, “Accept and Adapt.” Or as my business partner Gary translated it, “Roll with the punches.” It makes sense.

I also met another individual that have what I call “super powers” – she seems to be able to do almost anything and a lot of things. Could be good, could be bad. But her life motto is “Pay it Forward.” I don’t really meet that many people – but I believe this concept is a very powerful one and has lasting effects in many people’s lives.