So many ASTONISHING people have helped me out in this journey. I am very BLESSED to have them in my life. Every support, encouragement, that ‘pick me up’s when i was down, advice, lessons, critiques, even money … it all means a lot.

So much sacrifice, from both my own officers, team members, friends have really helped my vision come very close.

One Example: I remember calling up Mr. Gower Smith for advice. He’s one of the busiest CEOs I know, so I only asked for 5 minutes of his time. He gave me 45mins.

Another friend, Mr. Crutchfield and Mr. Jeon, all stopped what they were doing at work to come out and meet me outside their office when I went on a panic mode, and gave me sound advice.

The little things that matter. It starts when someone gives you a moment of their time.

Written by

Ryan C

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